Frequently Asked Questions

What type of canvas do you use?

We use only the finest quality canvas available. It is made from 100% woven cotton. We DO NOT use canvas textured paper. We DO NOT use polyester or polyester mix canvas.


What is the picture quality like?

All of our pictures were taken using a variety of professional SLR cameras and lenses. We do not use wide angle lenses as although this would capture the complete panoramic scene, it would not contain as much detail as our technique. So how do we do it? Well that would be telling, but our technique results in images of such high definition and clarity that people have commented on how the image seems to "jump out" of the canvas.


Will the image fade over time?

Unlike cheaply produced prints, we use archival inks of the highest quality. Cheaper prints are produced using inks called "dye based" inks. This is the same type of ink used primarily in home desktop printers. We NEVER use this type of ink. We use only "pigment based" archival inks which are guaranteed not to fade for 80 - 100 years or more. This means if you place one of our canvases on your wall, it will not begin to fade after a few months, unlike cheaply produced prints. The colours in our canvases will remain strong and vibrant for generations to come.


What type of frame will the canvas be stretched onto?

All of our canvases are stretched onto specially made stretcher bars. These have slightly rounded edges and are designed to be easily re-stretched in years to come if so required (although unlikely). I am amazed at how many times we've seen canvases stretched onto standard timber, the type you could purchase at your local DIY store. Standard timber has sharp edges which can result in tears along the frame. Also, they do not allow for re-stretching without a total canvas removal and re-do. Unlike cheap timber, our stretcher bars are kiln dried to 8% moisture content. For wood in the home, this is the ideal moisture content to prevent warping.


If I purchase a larger canvas, won't the image quality suffer due to enlargement?

Normally, yes, but the ridiculously high resolution of our images ensures that even at 6 feet wide, there is absolutely no loss of quality. We have even printed one of our Liverpool scenes at 20 feet wide with no loss of quality. This is something that we are very proud of at Spiral, it is one of our unique selling points.


Will my canvas be delivered undamaged?

We take every reasonable precaution to ensure that your canvas arrives in pristine condition. All canvases are first wrapped in bubble-wrap with several layers on the corners and edges. The entire canvas is then encased in thick-walled corrugated card. Extra layers are used if shipping over-seas. Finally, the canvas is then wrapped in strong brown kraft parcel paper.


Can I collect my canvas in person to avoid postage costs?

Please call us on 07968 422430 or email us to arrange collection. Our studio is based on the Wirral.


What shipping method do you use?

If you are based on the Wirral or Liverpool, then we will normally deliver the canvas personally at a time and date convenient for you. Using this method, we can even deliver in the evening and at weekends on request at no extra charge.

If you are based outside the Wirral, then we will use either Royal Mail or another parcel courier, but don't worry, you canvas will be well protected for transit.


Some panoramic canvases are available up to 20 inches tall and yet some only up to 16 inches tall. Why is this?

With some of the wider panoramic canvases, Liverpool Night Wide for example, making the scene taller would involve changing the composition of the shot so much that it's proportions would look unbalanced, too much sky for instance. We will not offer canvases in sizes that we feel will compromise the overall scale of these proportions.


Is it safe to pay through your website?

All payments are made through PayPal and are 100% safe. You do not need a PayPal account to pay, but all card payments will be processed through PayPal. It is the most popular and safest way to pay, and for this reason is the method used by millions of people worldwide every day. Your payment is fully protected by PayPal's Buyer Protection Policy. At no point do we get to see your bank or credit/debit card details as these are only known by PayPal. They are not passed on to us. If you're still unsure, we can arrange alternative payment methods such as "cash on delivery" or personal cheque. For further information, please use the "contact us" link which you will find at the top of each page.